Monday, November 28, 2016

The Sleeping Tyrant

So this first year of stories is winding down to a close, and there will be a few more, and then it will be time to start a new year. Rather than a series of loosely-connected tales like this year (as every story this year has taken place in the same world, just at widely differing places and times) next year I will tell a unified story. The idea is to do four story arcs that take up about three months – six installments – apiece. They will be self-contained stories, but they will all come together to tell one larger, book-length tale:

In a grim, frozen age, when clouds cover the sun and glaciers march down from the poles to conquer the earth, a young warrior will be forced to fight for his people, to rise and become a great chieftain in a dark land. When he dies he will be buried in a forbidden valley among ancient menhirs, and blood-sworn warriors will live to kill any who trespass upon the sacred lands. In ages to come, he will be unearthed, and a cult will rise about his name. Armies will march and nations will die in the wake of The Sleeping Tyrant.

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